wide image of breadboard with electronics components to display what Breadboard Simulator offers

Hyper-Realistic Electronics Simulation for Beginners & Educators

Breadboard Simulator is a realistic 3D simulation software created for beginners and educators.

Unparalleled realism.  Build circuits on a breadboard using virtual components and jumper wires. Simulate their real-world behaviour using an industry-standard SPICE simulation back-end. Use 3D visualisations such as smoke VFX to determine the limits of electronics components by learning what causes components to release the ✨magic smoke✨, all within a safe, virtual environment.

Built for educators.
 Accelerate students' learning by building up circuits within the virtual environment, then distributing Breadboard Simulator circuit files to get lessons up and running faster. Utilise detailed component states and value readouts during simulation to educate students with an insightful, practical knowledge of the typical behaviour of the most common passive and active components.