Designed from the ground-up for beginners and educators


Experiment with electronics in a truly realistic 3D workspace, featuring realistic physics and component behaviour

 Potential for Educators

Build up a circuit virtually to help introduce your students to the world of electronics. Improve the efficiency of your classes by communicating electronics concepts more effectively. 

 Experience Needed

Prior knowledge is optional! Featuring detailed introductions for the most basic electronics components, and a variety of sample projects + descriptions to kickstart your electronics hobby.

 Introduction to Electronics

Learn how to use simple electronics components, while simultaneously mastering the use of a breadboard—all without the difficulty of deciphering circuit diagrams as a beginner. 


Use components just as you would in real life. Flip switches, press buttons, and watch as the simulation responds in real-time. 

 Component Value Changes

Change the value of components while the simulation is running, and observe how this changes the behaviour of the circuit. Set component values to whatever you want. Now there's something you can't do on a real breadboard (without things getting expensive)!


Ready to delve in?